Gump buys a boat, Lt.Dan joins Gump

Scene Summary

Forrest buys a shrimping boat and names it "Jenny" after his childhood love. He waits on the dock for his first mate, as he had promised Bubba. To Forrest's surprise, his former commanding officer Lieutenant Dan Taylor shows up, keeping his joking promise to be Forrest's first mate. While out at sea, Forrest and Lt. Dan have no luck catching shrimp. One day, as Lt. Dan questions where God is, a massive hurricane traps them out in the storm. Despite Lt. Dan's defiant screams at God during the storm, their boat is the only one to survive, as all the other shrimping boats are destroyed against the shore. With no competition left, Forrest and Lt. Dan catch an abundance of shrimp. Using his Vietnam earnings and the money from his successful shrimping, Forrest buys a fleet of 12 boats and starts the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. The company becomes very successful, with Lt. Dan as Forrest's business partner.

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Movie : Forest Gump

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