Gump learns to play ping-pong

Gump learns to play ping-pong Gump learns to play ping-pong Gump learns to play ping-pong

Scene Summary

While in the infirmary, another soldier tells Forrest the secret to playing ping-pong is to "keep your eye on the ball at all times." From that moment on, whenever Forrest is shown playing ping-pong, he never blinks. Forrest takes this advice to heart and starts playing ping-pong constantly, even when he doesn't have anyone to play with. The other soldiers say he looks "like a duck in water" when he plays. Forrest's ping-pong skills quickly improve to the point of mastery. He fascinates his fellow soldiers with his abilities. Later, the Army decides to put Forrest on the All-America ping-pong team, making him the first American to visit China in years. Forrest's ping-pong prowess becomes a key part of his military service in the Special Services, where he travels around cheering up wounded veterans and showing them how to play the game. His skill at the sport is highlighted as an example of his natural abilities and the way he excels at whatever he puts his mind to.

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Movie : Forest Gump

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