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Emma Stone in her new film 'Kinds of Kindness'

Scenes with tag 'Tam'

Dwight fires kevin & toby in 'The Finale'

Logan fights the Yakuza members in a running bullet train

Braz demonstrates the capability of a concrete block made out of 'unobtanium'

Government needs Rat's help to hack to the planet

ding-ding, Destiny vs Britt begins

Stewie says “Cool Whip” to new Brian

Atomic Bomb scene

Matthew McConaughey Chest Thumping

dive-bombers attack

Thanos is back for the last fight

Joker Stairs Dance

Walter explains Skylar why he is the danger

Nick fury Attacked by HYDRA

White trash names

Hans Landa Eating Strudel

Spider-Man makes his first appearance in the MCU

Daredevil Hallway Fight - 1

T'Chaka Death

Clint Barton is back from retirement

Daredevil Hallway Fight - 2

Daredevil Hallway Fight - 3

A-Train Kills Robin

Hughie meets Billy Butcher

Hughie meets Annie(aka Starlight)

Homelander takes down a plane

Hughie and butcher take down Translucent

Billy and Hughie meet Frenchie

A-Train & Kid With Cancer At The Hospital

Hughie Kills Translucent

The Recruitment: Butcher Persuades Mother's Milk

popclaw kills the landlord

The female introduction

Homelander Lets the plane crash

kimiko fights black noir

Association of Collateral Damage Survivors meeting scene

Kimiko breaks A-Train's leg

Homelander meets Dr. Voglebaum and learns the truth

Magneto escapes Plastic Prison

Mutants Meet the President

Tony Stark is 'Iron Man'

Pepper helps Tony change his Arc Reactor

Wade Wilson Deflecting Bullets Scene

Logan is injected with adamantium

Magneto Lives!

Sheldon's enemy list

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