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Scenes with tag 'X-Men'

Atomic Bomb scene

Cyclops landing

Gambit Funeral

Captain America returns

Nightcrawler's White House Assault

Magneto escapes Plastic Prison

Mutants Meet the President

Wade Wilson Deflecting Bullets Scene

Logan is injected with adamantium

Spider-Man, Silver Samurai and Omega Red Cameo

Doctor Doom & Zemo Cameo

Xavier is back baby!

Val Cooper frees Magneto

Professor talks to The President

Morph turns into The Hulk

Morph & Beast fails to neutralize Bastion

Charles takes control of Magneto, heals the planet

Bastion attacks Asteroid M gravity core : Part-1

Bastion attacks Asteroid M : Part-2 , Protocol Magneto initiated

Magneto Lives!

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