Tek Knight Donations, Homelander Prison Plans

Scene Summary

Kimiko and starlight find the underground cave like setup where stewie is held hostage in a webweaver suit. They quickly tie up tek knight but physically hurting didn't work. Laddio who is tied up in the corner of the cave breaks one of his chains and shows them the laptop where all tek knights bank accounts are there. In order to extract information from tek knight, hughie makes donations from tek knight's account to elizabeth warren, incconce project and BLM. When threatening to donate to BLM, he opens up about a deal he made with homelander to use his prisons to lock up people(interment camps). Then Kimiko makes the donation to BLM buy pressing a button. [Season 4 Episode 6]

Timestamp in the episode: From 00:46:32 to 00:49:05

Tv show : The Boys

Source Type : Tv show

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